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How do I style a bar cart?

The bar cart is a real eye-catcher in your interior. You have different types and models of bar carts. So we have a round, 3 layer bar cart and an awesome one ovale bar cart


You can of course decorate the bar cart with what the bar cart is actually intended for, with beautiful whiskey, wine and other liquor bottles. But of course you can also decorate the bar cart in other ways. This is how a beautiful vase with a well-filled bouquet always good on the bar cart. Table books can also be used to style the bar cart. 

Another way to style the is to wear your prettiest glasses in cups to be used for the bar cart. This way your crockery gets a nice place in your interior and together with the bar cart it steals the show. 

We also love being on a beautiful candles to put down. You can of course gift candlesticks use or a candle tray. This is super chic and atmospheric. 

We are very curious how you will style your bar cart! You can easily shop your home deco online with us. 


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