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How do I style my leopard print vase?

De leopard lover vase is already a real eye-catcher in itself and fits completely in the current trend. This way, the vase will also look beautiful without any decoration. But of course you can also decorate and style your vase in different ways. If you like to look, we also have one here styling video made about. We have different colors of leopard vases such as, black, Brown in golden leopard vases.


You can style the leopard vase in different ways. We have different colors dried flowers. We have a suitable color for every color interior. The dried flowers stay beautiful for a very long time. The dried flowers are already tied and you can put them ready-made in the leopard print vase.

We also have different colors feathers. You can combine the plumes nicely with the dried flowers, but you can also just put them down in the leopard vase. Combine different colored plumes for a playful effect. 

As a final styling tip for the leopard vase, you can add a beautiful art bouquet use for the vase. An advantage of an artificial bouquet is that it is indistinguishable from a real bouquet. But the bouquet will last much longer and you will enjoy it longer. In our webshop you will find a number of pre-made art bouquets. See our photo for an example. If you have specific wishes in terms of color and/or flowers, you can always send us an email. Then we're glad to help. 

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