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The teddy fabric trend is totally hot! In fashion but also in the interior. The soft teddy fabric has a high level of cuddliness and gives a cozy feeling. 

In our webshop you will find a diverse range of items with teddy fabric. You will find teddy chairs, teddy decorative pillows and a wonderfully soft teddy plaids. All items immediately give your interior a warm look.  

Combine your current sofa with a teddy chair from our collection to give your seating area a touch up. But the wonderfully sitting teddy chair will also look great in the bedroom or children's room! 

Not enough room for his cool teddy swivel chair?! The soft teddy decorative cushions give the same effect as the chair, only they take up much less space. Combine a teddy pillow with a wonderfully soft teddy plaid for the highest cuddly feeling. 


Order this fashion snaffle easily? That's possible at The Golden Webshop! 

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